Horse Whispering – there is a solution!


What might be considered naughty behaviour by many, could well be just not understanding what the horse is trying to tell you. Have you ever considered that they’re trying to communicate to you?   It may even be something that you are doing that is causing the problem without you realising it. We’re taught so many things that ‘must be right’ that we may be making ourselves blind to what the horse is trying to say.

If you have a horse that runs away, rears, bucks, refuses jumps, won’t load or anything else then it is trying to tell you something, are you wanting to stick to the traditional methods that you may have been taught or are you open to start working in a partnership with your horse?

Before you read further, is a horse just an animal to control and it ‘has to do as you say’ or is it a living being that has needs and concerns?

A never ending learning curve comes along with horses, every horse is unique in their personality just like us. My skills come from continual learning, exploring and developing in order to communicate with horses, bond with them and help them melt away their fears and pains.   Equus the language of the horse has its basics similar to those used in a round pen such as Join-Up but also has more depth to it that we can learn just like we would do french or any other language.  Horses are very energy orientated and tuning into that energy helps to create a bond with any horse and help them both mentally, physically and emotionally.  What do I mean by energy orientated? We live in a world of energy even our own bodies produce electrical pulses hence why we get shocks from the shopping trolley or shelf in the supermarket.  Every heard of the saying ‘You could cut the atmosphere with a knife’ after someone has had an argument and you walk in the room afterwards, they might be greeting you with a smile, but you just feel that something else has happened before you walked in.

The same with horses they feel what we feel and translate those feels and emotions into their own language, but if we feel angry at someone else and take that to our horse the horse will interpret that anger at himself, they do not know what has happened to you before you came to his/her field or stable.  Stepping back and isolating your emotions can be difficult when behaviour miscommunication has started, which is where I help to get you and your horse back on track on your journey together.

Once I understand your horse, I’ll then be working along with you also to build up confidence in your horse once again.

We have 9 of our own horses, 4 of these are rescue horses all with many of the issues stated above, with a gentle hand they have been able to overcome what they feared to become confident and reliable partners.

Training Sessions with you and your horse start from £45 depending on your locality – I start with your horse and then help you deepen your partnership with your horse.

Boarding & Training option coming soon….  This option your horse gets to interact and build confidence within a herd situation.

Fully insured freelance instructor & trainer,  with custodial insurance for horses in my care.

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If health issues are found that require medical treatment, you will be advised to contact your local vet.