Could you help support the horse?

In the process of updating, please bear with me as I add more horses and their stories.


Owning a horse can be an expensive haul for anyone whether rich or poor, but the rewards of having such a friendship with amazing intelligent animals surpass the cost. When you help rescue or take on a horse that has not had a good start the rewards are even more satisfying as you see them change for the better.

These are the horses we have helped as part of our rescue plan, we are looking for sponsors for these and future horses that come into Paddock Sanctuary.

Rescue horses are not rehomed but become part of a growing natural herd, retrained to become therapy horses to support Paddock Sanctuary, giving them a long peaceful life until the end of their days.

Barney 8 12 12

Barnabay week 1 Extremely scared, especially to his left side.  Catching him to get him to the yard took lots of calm patience, then when he broke free in the trailer and tried rearing out of the back whilst in transit, I had to travel with him to try and keep him calm.

BamBam week 1

BamBam week one after we’d got the bloating down this is what was underneath. His head looks too big as he was just 21 months and mother nature had stopped his growing so he could survive. With the right nutrition now he should reach the full height as expected at birth.

Pye 9 5 13

Pye day one, we got his rug off to find a mess underneath, back too arched, fur rubbed off of his shoulders and hindquarters, mane rubbed away where the rug sat for too long. Feet overgrown and a generally unhappy pony

insert Seaton

Insert Jasper





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