Horse Whispering with John

Meet John – A stunning 17 hh.

John owners spoke with me about the difficulty they were having with John. They rescued him 2 years ago and he’s had issues especially with men ever since. He love escaping fields and can clear a 4 foot fence in a single bounce from standstill.   Head shy, uptight, hates farrier, hates loading.

He threw his rider really badly then reared and threw himself onto his saddle. Health checks were done before any training started.

Day 1

Nervous and unsure:


Moves straight to the back of the stable when entering. Jittery on leaving the stable and walking around to the indoor school.

After 2 weeks training, he’s now staying in his own field. He’s less spooky. He’s relaxed! He listens!

John after 2 weeks. Relaxed and trusting.


He loves water anyway, this is to show his relaxed attitude to follow.

John after 2 weeks training

A beautiful horse.

small image 030

Some who have tried to watch what I’m doing with the Horse Whispering, have not understood what I am doing, confused if I’m just walking with the horse but they’re not fully looking at the communication going on between the horse and myself, it’s non verbal and involved every movement of my body, head and eyes.  I’ll quite happily teach for a price, but you must have an open mind and be willing to work with the attitude that ‘Slow is Fast’.

Do you have a horse or pony who is having difficulty? Violence is not the answer and a whip/crop should only be used in a gentle way for instruction NOT pain. For pain free retraining please drop me an email below. Initial fee for assessment is £25 plus travel expenses if outside of Thanet, Kent. (Literal fuel expense not per mile.)

It’s all about the horse!


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