Are you scared of horses?? Barney our Soft, Gentle, Patient Shetland is ready to help you.

Are you scared of horses? Many people are, they’ve heard of someone being bitten or even see videos of dangerous horses on YouTube.  Horses are though very gentle creatures and we have our little Barney the Shetland ready to help you start to overcome your fear.

Barney was given to us as one who couldn’t be caught, he was extremely head shy to his left and still is to a degree even now, if you move too fast near him, he’s likely to run away. Head shyness with horses is mainly linked to a heavy hand to the head, as it’s his left side of Barney a right handed person would have been the cause for his head shyness.

I hold sessions for people who are scared of horses to educate about the horse and ease fears that a horse will hurt you.

If you’d like to have a go and release your fear, first pop over to us for a cuppa and meet the smallest Barney free of charge. Barnabay the Shetland If you’d like to take it further then sessions are just £10 an hour.

Just drop me an email below or phone number is on the contacts page.Chestnut Shetland Pony

Barney & Gavin

Barney & Gavin


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