The hoof – barefoot trimming.

After having many different farriers with different ideas and finally one causing our Shetland to be lame in all 4 feet, I decided to learn and sort our own horses feet. Best move I made and once you know what you’re looking for and the autonomy of the hoof, it’s pretty easy to maintain and if required, as in this foot below; reshape your horses foot.

The image below was over a four month progress on a pony that wasn’t too happy about her feet.
Image to the left shows the back right foot where the heel is too far forwards, you can see by the red line that this takes the heel of the foot too far forwards, which isn’t very balanced for the pony, this photo was taken July. Middle picture taken in September and last picture was taken October. The foot is nearly balanced now, just a bit more to go.

Barefoot trimming

You’ll notice too that as the foot starts to become more balanced the pony is starting to stand square. Always a good sign that your horse has a happy foot. 

This is what the foot was looking like underneath, barefoot trimming

we couldn’t get a photo when we first started to do this little lady’s hooves as she had a pretty good kick on her. So it’s just photos from September and October 2014.  This was progress over 4 months, she’s now much happier to have her feet handled, still a way to go that heel is still a bit in the wrong place.

May 2015 Standing happily and happy to have her feet sorted now Dakota beautifully aligned feet in balance with her legs.

Dakota hooves 8 5 15





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