Recycle Everything for our horses.

When I started on the journey with horses, we didn’t have much money wise. Living in a small council property and surviving on working tax credits. What little I got from work with horses just about covered the horse expenses in order to grow our herd to a small 6 ponies.

I’m sure you imagine horse establishments with lots of money, nice stables and always off to shows. In reality though for some it’s a totally different picture. My motto is it’s all about the horse and because I want to reach horses that owners can’t afford the general charges for horse therapy I charge a very small price, from just £25*.

I’ve started a Kiddy Pony Club just at £5 a session for children to learn about horses and interact with them from the ground.  From ages 4 and up.

Teen Clinic was added to the curriculum spring of 2015, where teens can get hands on ground experience with horses and learning the Equus communication for themselves for just £8 a session. Sessions operate on Saturdays and through the holidays.

We have petting sessions for under 4’s where they can have quality time with our smallest pony Barnabay (Barney) from just £1.

When you visit our field you’ll not find expensive fancy things for horses, everything I have has been with recycled wood, hardcore, mesh fencing and all nails are recycled from the wood collected. The only things not recycled are the safety equipment.


*Fuel costs may apply if outside of Thanet.
*proof of benefits apply



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