Horses and your soul!

Sometimes our worlds are so busy we just get on with what’s got to be done, not a problem if that’s the case but it does break a bond you might be able to have with your horse. There is an old saying “The eyes a window to your soul” and horses are just waiting for you to share your soul. It creates a deeper bond with your horse and even if they already trust you, your relationship with your horse can go much deeper. Here’s how:

  • Stand in front of your horse nice and relaxed.  (Best done with head collar on first, then at liberty)
  • Look into his eyes quite deeply. This isn’t a send away look, this is a deep relaxed share my soul type of look.  Make sure you close down the rest of the world and imagine you and him in a bubble, in the now.
  • Look first into one eye and relax, think beautiful thoughts, in your head tell him he is beautiful and let it reflect out of your eyes.
  • Go next to his opposite eye and do the same again. No touching whilst you do this!!
  • Next swap from left to right eye back and forth slowly and not losing the eye contact, until he locks both ears on you and is looking deep into your eyes.
  • Make sure you have a smile on your face and in your eyes, look into both his eyes and relax, you’ll see your horse relax and stare deeply into your eyes.
  • Do a big relaxing sigh.
  • Thank him with a very slight bow of the head and blink your eyes once, looking straight back at his eyes with relaxed eyes.
  • Now a slow stroke of his face then slowly move on to what you were needing to do.

This will help create a bigger bond with him and he will start to look for other Equus communication from you. For you, it will give you the 5 minutes peace that you need to get you through your busy day. Barney the Shetland    

If you have a horse with behaviour issues, this can be a good starting point to help resolve them. Do you need help resolving behaviour issues? Please have a read through Horse Whispering Either in person help or video help online. It’s all about the horse!



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