BamBam Welsh D x Arab

This is the story of BamBam

February 2012 as promised my daughter for passing a horse exam she could have her own pony,  we both fell in love with Bambam, but he was sad, bloated and in desperate need of some proper hoof care. Of all the healthy ponies we saw BamBam called out to us, he was being sold for £180 as too small and not going to reach his potential height. He was 12.h when we got him. Although we paid for him to get him out of his situation, he’s had a lot of issues to get through and we consider him a rescue. This photo below is day one, with a pop belly from eating too much bread. So it was a diet of hay and grazing for a week….

Bloated from what seemed to have been from lots of bread.

Bloated from what seemed to have been from lots of bread.


One week later and we’ve seen the bloating disappear and the true shape of him form. Not a happy pony, at 21 months his head was miles too big for his body, muscles underdeveloped and legs unable to stand square.



Winter 2012 – 6 months on and coming into winter, he’s sooooo fluffy and feels strong and knows it.





Spring 2013 –

BamBam  (81)

BamBam  (91)

BamBam  (95)

BamBam  (104)

BamBam  (105)

BamBam  (129)

BamBam  (162)

BamBam  (167)

BamBam  (182)

BamBam  (203)

BamBam  (302)



Winter 2013




washday 160

washday 193

washday 200 smallIMG_1369

BamBam on wood with mel 18 9 13



One year on and his first rug back on. Think he’s grown again.


laydown 115



dakota 167



























Summer 2014

BamBam now standing at 13.2hands, he’s fast and can out run the whole herd.


At this point for BamBam, he’s been started in saddle and bare back riding but he’s not suited for small riders so is still in training to calm down. My daughter has outgrown him, so If you’re under 8 stone in weight and are an experienced rider with Pony Club Certificates and would like to help bring him on, just drop me a message about a free loan.

May 2015

BamBam 21 5 15 2



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