Keep Moving Forwards!

During the 2014 of horsemanship I’ve taken a bashing both emotionally and physically. But it’s taken just a little reminder from a wonderful lady in Australia to help balance it all back off. I fully recommend reading Jenny’s blog and joining one of her courses, a good one to start with is…  There is Magic in the Air. 

Years ago when I first started bonding with horses ( I call it bonding, others call it different things) I felt I could help horses to melt away their fears and pains, combined with specific exercises such as straightness training, rebuilt strong, healthy and willing horses.  Most of the horses I’ve come into contact with have had big issues to deal with, but the owners want to see snap immediate results which isn’t always possible. It’s not about clicking a bone back into place, it’s about building the whole horse from inside out. Horses are amazing healers to themselves when they’re given the opportunity to release their souls as it were, our domestic way of treating horses does not allow horses to do this naturally especially if they’re stuck in a stable or small field.

When owners do not see miracle healings in just a couple of weeks, although admitting they see improvements, they cease services. I really shouldn’t take this to heart too much, but I did for a while. My methods are not the ‘conventional’ type and to those who might try and watch they don’t understand what is happening. For these owners that cease I hope they get the long term quick fix they are looking for.

Spring 2014 started on a downer for me, the farmer that I rent land from is not knowledgeable in the alternative treatment of horses especially the methods I use, one moment he’ll be telling me I have a unique way with horses and horses just respond to what I do. Then it changed, he started to put me down for what I was doing with horses, it was stupid, what I’m doing is stupid, the recycling I do to support the growing of my business is stupid, the tack room I’ve built and the night pens I’ve built, the round pen I’ve built all from recycled wood and pallets is stupid and so on.  He’s not seen me ride so doesn’t believe I can, he wanted me to jump on one of my little ponies to prove to him that I could ride ( I am too heavy for them all), he didn’t believe I had liability insurance and disagreed that I did not have custodial insurance. He believes that you can only teach horse riding if you have all of the BHS Qualifications and cannot act as a freelance instructor. I farrier my own horses feet and he told me I was acting illegally in doing so and had to stop immediately.  The biggest words I’ve heard from this man over the last year is “No you Can’t and no it won’t work”    He then banned me from working with any other horses on the land that I currently help with. Oh I’m allowed to poop pick and that’s all!  I still help the horses, but have not been charging for it. Spring 2014 the local council for where the land is started to try and enforce the land usage to be changed from agricultural to equine use, he is fighting to keep it as agricultural, this being the case there can’t be any horse ‘business’ on the land.


Filling this hole in, it has broken my front bumper where I’ve grounded so often, this is what’s causing me to lose the mobility car.

To add injury to injury the dirt track that he advised 3 years ago was being fixed so cars can get in properly still hasn’t been fixed, Crumps Farm dirt trackIMG_5955but I am disabled and have to take my car to my field to get water and hay etc to the field. This has damaged the front of my mobility car

where it has grounded so many times. Mobility have now requested the car be returned due to the damage done to the car and I’m fighting to keep it.


Damage gate, where we struggle to open it as it drags along the ground.

Very degrading to say the least and it has affected my overall moral over the last year. When morale is down so does other areas of life and the one most affected by this was my rescue horse Pye. He came to us as aggressive and injured back.  The first year we had him, everything went well his back was lifting, his mood improving, then as I declined so did he, his trust lessened, his back dropped more. It was if we both were on a slow decline and I felt stuck not knowing what to do.

I’d been following the blog of Jenny Pearce in Australia for some time, amazing path to releasing our inner selves to help our horses and I’d started re-applying everything she was teaching. It was enforcing what I already felt and helped me start to focus on the badness that was happening around me in a more positive way to start moving forwards.   January 2015 I joined in on one of Jenny’s online clinics and so pleased I did. Not only did she help release pains in my own body, but opened my heart and mind even more that what I already had started to do with horses on my own with bonding, could be taken even further to heal the horses fully. In just 4 weeks Pye transformed from a horse that had started to challenge me picking up on my low morale vibes, to allowing me to completely trust him and lay down with him. This is just the start for Pye and for me, all the ‘stupid’ comments I’ve had put to me over the last year are irrelevant. I do have a gift for helping heal horses and I’ll not let anyone put me down like the farmer has done for the last year again. It is not to my benefit nor the horses I love so much.

This was my video submission at the beginning of Jenny’s course, several things come to mind as I watch it back over, I can see my lack of trust of Pye, not 100% sure what he’s going to do and near the end of the video you’ll see him biting me in challenge they way a horse would to another horse.

4 weeks later and I have a very trusting horse once more, still a long way to go with his back, but that’s fine the result is what matters and he will be one strong fit horse.

I’ll post more videos over the next year to show his progress, see our horses page for his journey.

I’ve learnt much over the last year but mostly that no-one should control your life especially in the manner the farmer felt he had the right to do.  When we have a gift no matter what area of life that is, use it, it will bring joy to those around you and yourself.

My continued plans for the future are to give everyone the opportunity to have a go on a horse, for young children the Kiddy Pony Clinic – bonding sessions with a pony and play sessions all from just £5. Our Barney is fantastic at running and playing with children.  For the Teenagers from age 10 we have a Saturday and holiday Teen Clinic from just £8. More details HereChestnut Shetland Pony

Horse Whispering sessions are from just £25* so that everyone needed help with their horse can afford to bring them back to the horses they once knew.  (Do be prepared though, you may have to make a few changes too to help your horse)

Click here for where to find us.

(*Prices start)


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