Pye’s Journey to healing both mind and body.

Sometimes a journey is revealed over time, especially when it comes to the life of a horse. At age 7ish we came across Pye dumped in a field near us as dangerous, bit, kicked, reared and bucked with a vengeance.

Pye Day 1 –

Pye in the field he was left in.

Pye in the field he was left in.

Pye Unsure - Can you see the expression on his face?

Pye Unsure – Can you see the expression on his face?

pye (98)

We’ve had Pye since 2013 and it’s been a long journey for him, the more I’ve found out about his past the more I’ve needed to give him space from humans so he can recover both mentally and physically.

Fought with the farrier. Hates the vets and one vet only just got missed with a double barrel kick when she was going to do his booster jab so it’s just emergency’s only for the vet with him.

This really and honestly beautiful horse has caused rib damage when he double barrel kicked me in the chest and 2 broken fingers obtained during training with him. Training is gentle, no violence.

As trust has grown over time and I’ve allowed his space, he’s become a loyal and protective herd leader. If I’m on a bad health day, he’s there next to me.

This was Pye during his 8 weeks to recovering his bad back, unlocking not only pains in his back but also the causes behind what makes his back hurt. It’s not physical!

Although initially taking Pye on because the owners didn’t have the time to go to him every day, even some days I’d get to my field and he’s have no water, he started off as a loan. When he was unable to be sold because he bucked, I asked the owner for me to keep him knowing I’d look after him. She replied with ‘I’d rather you keep him’ so he became ours and is Passported and micro chipped to us.

A complete powerhouse with his front end now balanced with his rear, minus the grass belly!

Pye 8 7 15 (2)


June 2016

Note the whip in my hand, when I first showed Pye the lunge whip he near enough crapped himself, all four legs met together underneath his body and he shook.  It wasn’t until 2015 that a witness to the event let us know that a ‘Horse Whisperer’ had been called in to teach Pye to be submissiveness.  This involved being beaten whilst in a stable, it obviously didn’t work, but made Pyes behaviour even more reactive.  We use whips in herding and lunging, purely for instruction and never touching the horse. At the end of every working session where a lunge whip has been used, each of the horses have to see that the whip does not hurt.  Pye has been brave and gradually on his own choice started to touch the lunge whip, this photo below is the first day he chose to stand next to me long enough to get a photo taken with the lunge whip next to him.

When the horse is free to learn to trust, mountains can be climbed and strong friendships be formed.  He is my right hand horse!



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