Twitching – Looking at what causes the release of endorphin’s.

Always an inspiration reading updates from Horse Conscious but I have to disagree with this article How does nose Twitch affect the horse from a point that it’s missed what releases the endorphin’s in the first place and from a small comment they made in the article ‘twitching probably resembles acupuncture’.  Making Twitching a horse the most natural thing you can do to help a horse!

‘Probably’ a word used when inconclusive evidence is found to support findings. So in other words they didn’t actually find out what caused the release of endorphin’s when twitching the horse they just found the horses heart rate was less after twitching had been applied. Which is correct, heart rate does drop after endorphin’s have been released.

Lets look at reasons how endorphin’s are released into the body of both humans and animals and then with a process of elimination see which is being used when twitching a horse either by ear or nose.
There are several ways endorphin’s can be released, most of us use these on a daily basis without thinking about what chemicals are being released into our bodies. Excluding acupuncture and alternative methods, here’s how we and animals produce endorphin on a daily basis.

Eating – Comfort foods release endorphin’s that help us relax, chocolate in particular contains endocannabinoid anandamide which mimics the effects of marijuana. WChocolate Imagee all feel that bit of happiness after eating chocolate and some experts say a little bit a day is very good for us.

Eating – Hot and Spicy releases endorphin’s, but not in the same way as the comfort foods. spicy food We all know the initial fiery paid of a hot chilly on the lips, but this starts to subside as the endorphin’s it released kick in and the pain of the hot chilly starts to lessens as we continue to eat.

Eating – Ginseng – Also helps release endorphin’s and many athletes use this during their exercise routine as part of supplementation.

Smelling – Things that bring pleasure to our sense of smell release endorphin’s, such as vanilla, lavender and other essential oils. Flowers and refreshing air sprays for the living room. Take a good sniff in after you’ve just sprayed a room and immediately your mood lifts.

Having a laugh – We all know the rush of endorphin’s when we’re in good company, we smile, laugh and as the night goes on our mood gets higher. laughterOk the drink helps too, but before the drink kicks in we’ve already started our endorphin rush off by having a laugh with friends. If you happen to get a deep belly laugh too even better.

Smiling – with both your mouth and eyes releases the happy endorphin, so always make sure you find something to smile at first thing in the morning, it will help you through your

love n sexLove – Endorphin’s are released when a loved one walks in the room, notice how you mood improves and a smile comes across your face.

Sex – Being intimate and especially at orgasm you get an endorphin rush.

Exercise – It doesn’t have to be a marathon, exercisejust walking, hiking, jogging, dancing, gardening and even the housework gets your body to release endorphin’s.

Daredevil – The sudden release of adrenaline that daredevil activities produce also stimulate daredevilsthe endorphin chemicals, so after the initial rush a peaceful calm steps in and the mood is enhanced.

Sunlight – A natural option to release endorphin’s, which is why sunbathing laying around the side of the pool and at the beach feels so good.

Severe pain – Stubbed your foot on the sofa, hit your thumb with a hammer, trapped your hand in a door or broken a limb? stubbed toeThese are all sort of pains that stimulate both adrenaline release followed by endorphin’s. The pain subsides after a few moments down to a dull throb. People in really bad car accidents where they’re trapped inside the car by metal against their limbs are able to become calm due to the massive release of endorphin’s into their bodies.

Twitching – what causes the release of the endorphin’s for the horse to become relaxed and calm?

Looking at all the options available that release endorphin’s what is being applied to a horse when it is being twitched. twitch

It’s not love, laughter, sex, exercise, relaxing smells or daredevil activities, it is the latter, a severe amount of induced pain stimulating both the adrenaline followed by endorphin release.

You can actually try this out for yourselves and see what releases the endorphin’s in your body when it comes to twitching. You’ll not like this option however as you would be doing it to yourselves. Make a small twitch and get someone to apply it to your upper lip, keep them turning it until you start to feel it pinch, then get them to keep twisting it until you are completely held tight by the twitch. You will at this point be feeling quite a lot of pain and endorphin’s would now be being released into your body. Make it that bit tighter to feel what the horse really feels on it’s sensitive nose and then hold it there for about 5- 10 minutes.  A bit drastic some of you might say, but really it is what you are doing to your horse each time you twitch it.

Is twitching right to do? There are so many opinions and disagreements, but looking at what releases the endorphin’s will help you make a good choice for your horses.

There are many ways you can calm your horse, the first and foremost is for your horse to know that you are it’s friend and won’t ever harm it, does your horse know that?  Are you willing never to hurt your horse?

There is always a way to do it better…… are you willing to Find it?

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4 thoughts on “Twitching – Looking at what causes the release of endorphin’s.

  1. saraannon

    having worked with a vet, for the professional all too often faced with an ill-mannered animal that needs emergency vet care, twitching is a short-term solution. For a horse owner to resort to twitching their horse for routine handling, there’s a problem. For anyone claiming to be horse trainer, twitching is a great big neon sign proclaiming their incompetence.

    1. Melanie Hetfield Post author

      Thank you Sara, just been having a read through your blog. Like your comment ‘They arise out of my efforts to deal with my health issues, my shamanic and spiritual callings, and my drive to ride as one with my horse.’ It is truly a rewarding path.

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