What can my horse eat….?

Own a new horse and not really sure what you can feed it?  Or would you like to stop using pre packed horse foods and provide for your horse naturally.

I’ll keep expanding this blog, but for now some basics that your horse will love.

I have a general rule, if it gives us gas then think what it will do to your horse!!!!

Grass a good first choice, but did you know there are different types of grass? What you see in your garden nice lush and green, might not be the right type of grass for your horse to eat a lot of. Your pasture should have at least 6 spices of grass growing along with herbs and weeds.

What about bread, can horses eat bread? Bread has the same effect on a horse as it does us, bread expands within the digestive system giving the feeling  and look of being bloated. Many underfed horses are fed bread before a sale masking the fact that they are underfed. Given in small amounts can do no harm, but avoid giving it as a general feed it’s not healthy for them.

How much should my horse eat apart from grass and hay? Aim for a full variety of 25 types of vegetation, once your horse feels the benefits of each type of vegetation they’ll start to eat what they need and ignore what they don’t. Remember many vegetables have a higher fluid content than grass and hay, so feed in small portions to prevent soggy droppings. Placing vegetation around your paddock will make the day’s grazing a bit more interesting as they find what you’ve place around.

What can my horse eat safely?

Here is a short list that you can feed your horse, but like anything always in moderation. Remember too if you are changing your horses feed, do this over several days rather than just a straight swap, bacteria in the gut needs to change over when introducing new foods. A straight swap will cause your horse to have digestive issues.

Good to include in your horses diet.

Cabbage – yes but in very small amounts as it can cause gas in horses the same as it does with us. 1 cup of raw cabbage contains high levels of vitamins and many minerals.
Carrot – planting carrot seeds in the pasture your horse will love the carrot heads as they grow.
Lettuce = In spring you can plant seeds for lettuce in the pasture so as they grow your horse can get the new leaves.
Garlic – plant deep in the spring in the pasture, they’ll eat the new growth without pulling up the root.

Roses – Leaves, fruit and flowers are edible and your horse will love them.

Fuchsia – Leaves, fruit and flowers are edible. Herbalist believe it to help relieve depression.

Willow – If you can’t plant in the ground, use a large old composter and give plenty of room for roots to develop. Keep out of way of horse until the leaves have bushed and developed, do not trim or make into a tree let it bush. You horse will choose this for it’s anti inflammatory properties.

Sweet Potato  May have normal Potato properties, so feed with care.

Broccoli use with caution as it can cause gas in horses the same as it does with us.
Cauliflower use with caution as it can cause gas in horses the same as it does with us.

Safe FRUIT that your horse can eat:
Apple – Don’t know about you but just green apples can get boring after a while, so keep it varied and watch the sugar levels.
Apricot – remove seeds
Cantaloupe – including the skin
Cherry – remove seeds
Peaches – remove seeds
Plum – remove seeds choke alert and poisonous to horse.
Watermelon + rind

Weeds that are good for your horse too are

Ribwort Plantain – good fly replant too.
Alexanders – possible natural wormer.
Clover – Red Clover especially good for respiratory.
Cow Parsley
Want to see more added, just make a comment of what you find your horse likes.

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