Stop Nagging!

You’ll have to forgive me at times, along with my dyslexia I’m sometimes quite blunt and when I see an issue that is affecting your horse I will tell you.  One that people take offence to is I tell them to stop nagging their horse.

The reason my services get called on at times is because the owner is having a difficult time with their horse, horses can stop listening.

Very much the case it will be that the owner continually talks and interacts with their horse on the ground continually touching and in the saddle not being still in their seat or with their body movements that the horse cannot separate the different are they just talking or are they asking something of me. As time goes by the horse stops listening as it’s not sure of either, so when you are asking for aids they don’t respond.

They might gets lots of advice and the most common one is to really whack it one and it’ll start listening. Thankfully most who have been given this advice feel uncomfortable with that and look for other options.

What to do when your horse has stopped listening.

Very simply

become silent

Becoming silent around your horse, then when you ask requests of him or her, they’ll know you’re speaking with them. Give it a go!



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