Monty Roberts – Equus Online University

Part of my education in horses came from learning from a man who has tried to make a difference when it comes to non violent training – Monty Roberts.

Not all of us can go on expensive training courses, me being one of them, banner we just want to be with our horses and do what’s best for them.  Monty has made his methods of  horsemanship available within his Equus Online University as a stepping stone to our learning non violent horse training.  Creating a partnership with your horse.  The Equus Online University is a valuable tool and a great way to learn with it’s video training sessions. It’s just $10 a month, you can have a look around for free with code DAYPASS just visit the Equus Online University

If you can afford to go on a course, then there are many Monty Roberts Certified Instructors around the world.

I continue to support Monty and was honored to become part of Monty’s Think Tank Team for the Equus Online University in 2015 and thank Debbie, Monty’s daughter for her recent recognition of this.
Horse education is a must for any responsible horse owner, there are so many methods out there, tips tricks and opinions on how to train a horse but really there doesn’t have to be just one particular way. The main thing to consider in all things, is it pain free.

A horse will conform to any situation it is in, even those situations are causing immense pain for them such as trotting horses where scoring is used  sadly the horse will conform to it. It’s our responsibility to ensure our education for horse care provides non violent methods in ways that show we genuinely care for our fellow creature the horse.

Horses don’t fight back when a person hurts them, their aim is to get away. It would be a different story if they horse did fight back and defend themselves, on those occasion when they do fight back it’s considered a problem horse!

With rescuing and helping horses with supposed behavior issues we see the effect of lack of education in horse management. Not wanting to pay or being unable to pay for equine courses is not a viable excuse to become educated with so much free information online.

Can you help the rescue horses? Either with time to help exercise or with your shopping habits online…


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It’s all about the horse!


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