An Oasis

“On paper – a jumble of words, in my head it has order, vision, and passion” Melanie Hetfield

Have you ever felt that way, you can see clearly in your head what you want to achieve, but taking steps to get there on paper is a bit of a muddle. It is like that for many people with dyslexia and one that I have always struggled with.  It was not till I went back to college at age 40 that it was pointed out to me I had dyslexia and although found many ways around it, I still had problems that I could not get onto paper what I could see in my head.

Because of my difficulties and how horses have helped me and my daughter, we started to create a program to help support especially those with learning difficulties.DSC_0002.JPG

Home schooled / Home educated children.
Adults with learning difficulties. PTSD groups. Scouts. People with disabilities. People with depression. Teaching leadership, trust, teamwork, confidence, valuable life skills and improve communication skills.

How can horses teach you all this you may ask.  

We are aiming to create a place to learn about the horse and yourself in a more natural environment, removing the stresses of what’s around you. Being out with the horses in what we want to create as an Oasis with hills and hollows, bushes, plants, trees all designed to encourage the wildlife. There will be a herbal garden for the horses so you can observe how horses self-medicate eating what they need. The herb garden will also be used for achieving scout badges, and a resting area for members to siIMG_5583.JPGt and enjoy what’s around them.

Within the main grazing fields, not a flat bit of land, but the old mound creating climbing areas for the horses, so they too can experience An Oasis. Also within the grazing area a seating area for members to sit with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the peace of being around such amazing creatures.

Where are we now in our plan, we have the horses, we now need the right place to be able to create and expand.

Life is a journey and always moving forwards.


by Melanie Hetfield
Equus Speaker & Trainer



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