Rest a little!

Part of being with a herd is resting with the herd too, we do not interfere with their rest times but become part of them.  For these photographs, I was sitting on top of the van enjoying the scene below.

The first photograph Darrell resting with the youngest Raisin, now 2 years old, but we still call her the foal. Notice how all the adult horses are surrounding the two on the ground. This always happens each time they rest.


Raisin and Darrell in the middle of the herd.  Peaceful !


We are setting up as a Charity and have an Easy Fund Raising site that you could help raise money for the rescue horses. No extra cost to you, just shop in your favorite shops and the shops donate, with over 3000 shops ready to help including eBay, Tesco, and many more brand names.  To register, shop and help raise funds please sign up.

Equine with Melanie Hetfield
Co-founder of

(ツ) It’s all about the Horse! How we can help them and how they can help us.




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