Equine Photography for Rescue

Have a camera? Want to get live action shots of horses running free, bundling with each other, rolling around and showing affection between each other?

A unique opportunity to capture horses in motion and be within the middle of the action giving you close-up action shots for your pleasure, practice or sales.


We are based in Kent and on a hill giving excellent focal shots of the horses with an amazing background. During your time with our horses, you will see the horses at rest, working as a herd together so you can get some fantastic action shots and the final rest and roll about after a workout.  Our horses are a mix of rescues, purchased and born to the herd, all a variety of breeds from Shetland to Anglo Arab.

Our herd are used as Therapy horses so you’ll have the unique opportunity to take close up photographs whilst they are at liberty.

Although horses are domesticated they are still wild at nature which creates some fantastic photography opportunities.

There will be an opportunity to meet the horses at liberty and the atmosphere is both calming and stimulating at the same time.

Horses are naturally competitive so you will also see moments of racing each other and mini play flights.

Come and join the fun and please note all funds go to supporting the rescue horses of Paddock Sanctuary.

For a donation of £60 come and enjoy a photography afternoon with the herd. Booking essential.


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