Horse Clinics

Unlike owning land I cannot have a riding establishment license on the rented land, therefore am unable to offer riding lessons at this time.

Horse clinics for children and adults are now offered under Paddock Sancturay. All funds go directly to support this rising charity.

Kiddy Pony Clinic £15 half an hour

This is a one on one clinic with children and their parents under the age of 10.  Building confidence in youngsters and parents to become comfortable around DSC_0002horses and for children education into horses to begin.  This is an especially good session for children who are scared or nervous of horses. Likewise for the parents 😉

 Barney in the picture is being helped by a young lady who wouldn’t even touch at horse at the start.
Clinics are on Saturday afternoons between 1-3pm. One on one family sessions only.

Teen Clinic  £25 one hour

A bit more of a special treat for the Teen Clinic, a one-hour session where the horse chooses to work with the teen. When the horse chooses the teen the horse becomes the teen’s free loan horse for as long as they attend sessions.  Makes all the difference to say I loan a horse than just I go horse riding 😉

Sessions cover the basic care and maintenance of the horse so when the teen is ready to purchase their own horse they’ll already have needed skills.  Whilst on the land the horse becomes the responsibility of the teen.  A mini test is taken along the way to see how they are progressing and to provide certificates at varying levels of their abilities.

In hand exercises and learning bonding with horses are essential for any horse lover.

Clinics are on Saturday mornings between 10:30-12:30pm. Only 2 teens a time.



Adult Relaxation and Therapy Sessions…..

Fridays a day for Relaxation and Therapy for Adults, there’s nothing quite like spending time with the horses to bring peace back to the mind.  Relaxation with the horses provides needed Therapy, not a traditional therapy session where you have to talk about your worries, well you can do to the horses they’re very good at listening. But really switch off and enjoy the moments the horses provide.

Like the teen clinic one horse will choose the person, so after you’ve met all the horses we wait and see who wants to come and work with you. The horses see something in us that draws them to us and I never know which horse will choose which person.

Horses live in the now not focusing on what tomorrow can bring and when having one on one time with them can help us to refocus on where we are in life, what we want to do and what we have to do next.   It’s quite an amazing feeling when you’re with them and suddenly everything just seems that bit clearer.

You get to groom and care for the horse that chooses you if you already have horse skills and are the right weight for the horse then riding is an option, we do prefer bareback riding which is good for so many reasons.

Adult Relaxation and Therapy sessions are £30 for 45 minutes. Between 11am – 3pm Monday only.


Here are ponies and horses*:

 Mel with 9

Barney loves a good ol itch and we encourage horse/human grooming with the adults. 


*Kept at Paddock Sanctuary as part of rehabilitation for horses and equine therapy for people.

It’s all about the horse!

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