Mission Statement

The Equus Approach.

In 2012 we met and saw a demonstration by Monty Roberts, being a fan of Dr Dolittle as a kid being able to speak to the animals fascinated me. Knowing for real that we can talk to the animals in their language on seeing Monty in action gave me the path I’m on today.

Using the Equus language we use a non-force and non-violent approach to horse relationships, based around how the horse communicates to us.

I aim to improve the lives of horses, domestic and wild herd by teaching Equus the language of the horse to it’s handlers.

I aim to promote and teach natural horse management and horse health care.

I aim to improve the lives of people by utilizing non-force methodology.

I aim to promote and teach these non-force horse and human skills.

I will support the horse.

Learn, Learn and Keep Learning is my motto. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune in most cases with so much online information and training events. I will continue not only learning, but also teaching what I learn to the benefit of both Equine and Human.