Road to Recovery

Working with rescue horses and rehabilitating them has opened a window to helping others’ horses.

For horses that have been injured, roughing-off to see if they recover is not always the best option, especially if they are turned out individually for whatever reason (personal preference, livery circumstances, etc.). Individual turnout and/or box rest is best suited when the horse is still injured – before the rehabilitation needs to begin – to avoid further injury, depending on the injury.
Horses that are turned out individually are less likely to move around and play, whether they are or are not injured, because there is a factor of boredom, loneliness, and lack of stimulation. However, horses that are grass kept and kept in a herd are constantly moving, communicating, and playing. A horse’s intelligence can be increased by living in a herd, as can their physical abilities.

Traditional rehabilitation, whether professionally done or carried out yourself, is not always convenient for yourself and other owners. If you are not in the position to be able to exercise your horse daily, or cannot afford traditional rehabilitation and therapy alongside livery costs, it can lead you in a difficult position of selling, euthanising or giving up your horse in the worst-case scenario.
This is why we offer the ‘Road to Recovery’ service where your horse can become part of a herd* and start to help themselves get better through a more natural environment. With daily monitoring, weekly updates, and herd activities, the horse is focused on becoming stronger to be able to integrate with the hierarchy. Alongside rehab exercises personalised to the horse, **a difference can be made.

Prices start from ***£75 per week for full care. To discuss your options for your horse’s rehabilitation, please use the contact form below.

Included in the price is hoof care as I am a skilled barefoot trimmer.

We operate fully insured.

(Please note that all shod horses under our care must have their shoes removed).

*Actions will be taken to ensure that your horse does not become herd-bound and will not have separation issues once the rehabilitation is completed.

**Rehabilitation time can depend on the injury and the horse itself.

***Note: if you are on a low income, this will be taken into account for costs (evidence must be provided).


I am currently doing a BSc Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation to expand my current knowledge, with year one complete, and years two and three to start September 2017 and 2018 respectively.